World of Rabbit

World of Rabbit 1.3

Nature versus technology


  • Good graphics
  • Multiple modes


  • Repetitive

Very good

World of Rabbit is a game containing three different gameplay modes for different players.

The background of World of Rabbit tells a story where robots have taken over the world, but rabbits are struggling and have created a resistance against them.

World of Rabbit’s three game modes offer something for different players.

Puzzle: a picture scramble where you have to recreate an image
Distance: run races and collect carrots while avoiding spiders
Shooting: kill bugs before they get too close to you

The different game modes give World of Rabbit a great variety for players. While World of Rabbit is not the most difficult game, it can get challenging.

Graphics in World of Rabbit are stylized and do not contain the expected cartoon animation, but a more deliberate art and graphic imagery. It is a wonderful change from the normal simple graphics seen in other games.

World of Rabbit is a good game with variety.

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World of Rabbit


World of Rabbit 1.3

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